Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie De Moyencourt was born in 1983 in Paris, she grew up in South Africa, where she works as an architect, set designer, illustrator and painter. With no formal art training, painting and drawing is something Lucie has always done for herself. By observing her subjects very closely, she allows the brush to move around the canvas without giving it much thought, trusting that her hand will do something intuitive to what she is seeing. “I paint because I am addicted to the ‘surprise’ that the painted canvas gives me when I step back from the easel”.

Lucie’s mother was a ballet dancer and her father, an antique dealer and collector of African art, she says she has been inspired all her life by the things they have shown her.

Lucie has been painting Cape Town suburb by suburb for the last 4 years. She started with the Atlantic Seaboard exhibition at Kleinsky’s Delicatessen, and exhibited the original paintings of the City Bowl series at the Voorkamer Gallery in December 2016

Lucie chooses to paint scenes of life within city spaces, these everyday snapshots are painted in many layers of black ink on top of each other to give an almost photographic quality. Lucie is currently working her way around the Cape Peninsula with the view of publishing a book of drawings of the Cape in the future.